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This page provides links that explain how users may create shoreside production reports and at-sea production reports.

How to Delete an Unsubmitted Report in eLandings


  • Login to elandings and locate the Delete Unsubmitted Report link at the top of the main Reports page.



  • You will need to know some basic information about the report in question such as:
    1. The Report ID number
    2. Type of Report (Landing or Production)
    3. ADF&G Processor Code (alpha-numeric, F1234)
    4. Federal Permit Number
    5. Vessel ADF&G Number
    6. Port Code (FCP for catcher processors)
    7. Date of Report (date of landing)       
    8. Password (same as the one used to login to elandings)



  • Once all of that information has been entered, click on the Delete button and the report will be removed from your Reports page.


If you get an error message of some sort it generally indicates that one of the pieces of information that you entered is incorrect so double check the report in question and make the needed edits.


Questions or concerns can be directed to or call 907-586-7462

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