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eLogbook for Catcher Processors

There are two different reporting applications for the eLogbook for At-sea Catcher Processors:

  • eLandings - web based electronic reporting system

  • seaLandings - stand alone software installed on individual computer workstations

eLogbook Error Returns

  • Sometimes sealandings logbook users run into issues with their logbook information. In order to correct the issues, we often will send the user a logbook receipt to process in which they have to overwrite their existing logbook.xml with the one we send.
    • Instructions for how to do this can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

How to Overwrite your Logbook in sealandings

eLogbook for Catcher Vessels

For catcher vessels interested in using the eLogbook application through the seaLandings program we now have an "eLogbook Only" version available.

Follow the link below for instructions on how to install the seaLandings software program and how to register and make entries in your eLogbook.

eLogbook for Catcher Vessels using seaLandings

Click on the link below to download the latest sealandings software (contains the logbook application)

~ In development ~

How to get help?

If you have questions about using the eLogbook and could not find answers in the appropriate instructions, please contact Suja Hall at: or phone: 907-586-7462

elogbook Helpful Hints

The eLogbook will only take double-digit hook sizes, use the table below to determine the single-digit equivalents.

Two DigitOne Digit


Acceptable Lat/Long formats





dd mm

-ddd mm

dd mm ss N

ddd mm ss W

dd mm.m

+ddd mm.m

dd mm.m N

ddd mm.m W

dd.dddd N

ddd.dddd W

N dd mm ss

W ddd mm ss

N dd.dddd

W ddd.dddd

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