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The Salmon Fields  -  tab allows you to customize the display of tLandings to simplify reporting and display only those data fields ADF&G and your company to complete.  If you choose Salmon as the fishery, the wizard will display this field. 

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Below is the default display for tLandings without any hidden fields.  Please review this display and ask yourself, “what fields can I hide to make the data entry for tender staff easier?”

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I have decided to hide several fields by clicking the Hide boxes.  I also want autofill for values (enter the first time for this thumb drive and then the value autofills) Date Fishing Began, Nearest Bay or Headland, and Stat Area Worksheet. 

Please note the Default column on the Salmon Fields tab.  This feature allows you enter specific values that will display on all tLandings fish tickets.  This can be helpful when you have a set net site delivery area with one statarea or one nearest bay/headland.  If you know that the thumb drive you are configuring will be used the same day or the next day, you can also enter the date fishing began.  Date of landing and time of landing are autofilled from the tLandings system.

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Note:  Default values and Prior Report values can be extremely helpful is simplifying reporting, but it can also populate multiple fish tickets with incorrect information.  These features are not appropriate for tenders that take deliveries from catcher vessels harvesting in multiple statistical areas.


If you choose Groundfish as the fishery, this is the next tab the wizard will display.  You are configuring the thumb drive for salmon in this exercise, but please be aware that the PTI not only supports groundfish, but also allows you to customize fields on the Vessel tab.

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Tally Table – is the last tab, used to customize fields in both groundfish and salmon.   This screen allows you to hide columns that are not needed for the activity of the tender.  Below is the standard display for the Tally page in tLandings.

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