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  • In 2013, the Observer program was restructured to include a Partial Coverage category which requires fishing vessels greater than 40 ft LOA to log their fishing trips in an online system called ODDS that randomly selects vessels for an Observer.
  • The Observer program is trying to match up observed fishing trips to landing report IDs which will facilitate data analysis and help NMFS evaluate observer coverage in the groundfish and halibut fisheries.

I noticed a new field in the landing report form, what is an ODDS trip number?

  • ODDS stands for Observer Declare and Deploy System and the trip number is provided to the fishing vessel skipper when he is selected to have an observer onboard for his fishing trip.
  • If there was an Observer onboard the delivering vessel, NMFS asks that you please request the ODDS trip number from the skipper and enter it in the appropriate field.

What are the vessel categories and selection pool for Observer selection?