eLandings User Manual

Display of Partial Pounds


This page describes eLandings' handling of partial pounds. 

The eLandings application has been designed to greatly reduce the likelihood of displaying partial pounds, which are decimal pounds:

  1. after the allocation of harvest pounds to fish tickets in the web display;
  2. when the PDF fish tickets are created.

IFQ Reporting in Whole Pounds 

IFQ pounds break on whole pound boundaries. Partial pounds are never debited from quota share, and the final reports never display partial IFQ pounds.


Below is an example of a complex landing - three permit holders with slightly unequal divisions of harvest, and two statistical areas where fishing occurred.

After the itemized catch and grading/sizing/pricing is recorded the landing information is allocated to the three fish tickets. Note on the eLandings web page display below that the sold pounds are displayed as whole pounds.

Below are the three fish tickets that were generated from this landing report. The sold weight is displayed as whole pounds.

Below is a display of the IFQ report, yet to be submitted, for this landing. Note that the sold lbs are displayed as whole pounds.


The eLandings application has been designed to reduce the likelihood that partial pounds will be displayed. When poundage is small, only a few pounds, and the fish tickets generated from the landing are greater than the pounds for the item, prior to allocation, the application may display partial pounds.

If the eLandings application continues to display partial pounds, and especially if the display is a decimal followed by zeros, as illustrated below, please check your User Profile Preferences.


To check your User Profile, scroll to the top of the eLandings web page, and locate User Profile.
Click on this link.
If you do not wish to see a display of decimal pounds, modify the default of 4 to 0.