Create A New Operation within eLandings as an Existing Administrative User

  • Creating a new operation is easy if you already have an eLandings User ID and are logged in.
    • Click on the Administer Operations link at the top of the Reports Menu page of eLandings. 

  • On the upper right side of the Operations and Users page, you should see a an Add Operation button, click on it.

  • A dialog box will pop-up asking you for some basic information about your operation


  • Operation Type(s)
    •  Plant/Receiver
    • At-Sea Processor
    • Catcher Seller
    • Buyer Exporter
    • Direct Marketer
  • Operation Name:
    • Can be whatever you choose as long as it is no longer than 35 characters
  • ADF&G Processor Code:
    • Enter the ADF&G Intent to Operation processor code for your facility or business, this is also known as your F-code. 
  • Federal Permit Number:
    • If your operation processes federally managed groundfish enter your Federal Processor Permit.
  • Registered Buyer Number:
    • If you will be receiving or processing Halibut or IFQ Sablefish, you must provide a NMFS registered buyer number so that you can submit IFQ transactions.
  • Registered Crab Receiver Number:
    • If you will be receiving or processing IFQ crab you must provide a NMFS registered crab receiver number so that you can submit IFQ transactions.
  • Port:
    • Enter the ADF&G port code for your operation. The port code you enter will provide the default on your landing reports.
  • Vessel ADF&G Number:
    • For At-sea, tender, and catcher-seller operations only - enter the ADF&G number of your vessel.
  • Vehicle License Number:
    • For buying station operations, enter the vehicle license number of your truck, if applicable.

Then, you have to click on the save button.

The dialog box will close and you should see the new Operation you just created in the left side Operations box. Highlight the operation and click on the Print Registration button to complete.

The form needs to be signed and faxed to the number on the form.