eLandings User Manual

Salmon Report Mass Update - How To Request a Salmon Mass Update

Individual salmon report corrections can occur within the eLandings web application.  Simply search for the report within the Reports Menu page and open the report needing action.  Always remember to save the report.

After 90 days, reports are locked and will need to be opened by an eLandings administrator.  Send an email to eLandings@alaska.gov with this request.  Always list the landing report id or fish ticket number within the body of your email.

If you have a large number of reports that need correction, the ADF&G eLandings administrator can perform this task.  Please email your request.  Modification to landing reports cannot occur from a verbal request.

Within the body of the email please document the following:

  1. The processor code (F code) of your seafood facility or Operation ID
  2. The tender batch ID
  3. The date range of landings within this batch.
  4. The data element that requires correction.
  5. The replacement value.

Values that can be replaced thru this process include the following:

  1.  Date of landing
  2.  Date fishing began
  3.  Tender batch id
  4.  Port of landing
  5.  Dock delivery check box
  6.  Nearest bay or headland (including spelling issues)
  7.  Fishing period
  8.  Statistical area
  9.  Tender vessel number 
  10.  Operation ID (processor code)
  11.  Update to final submit
  12.  Update to initial submit
  13.  Overage threshold

Once the request has been received, the update can normally be completed within 48 hours.  An email confirmation of completion will be sent to the requester by the ADF&G eLandings administrator.