eLandings User Manual

TWS Scenario 3: Create a Landing Report – Personal Use Catch

User ID and Password to Use in this Training Scenario

UserID:             Autofilled as TENDERMAN

To complete this exercise, you will need:


For this scenario, you are again the skipper of a tender buying salmon for King Crab Processing. You will complete a landing report for a relatively simple delivery using any vessel and species defaults, and a salmon CFEC permit number, but the fisherman wants to retain a portion of the catch for personal use.

Insert the thumb drive in a USB port, start the program from the batch file on the thumb drive as in previous scenarios, and password  sockeye123. 

Click the OK button on the login and then click the "Create a new landing report" button in the upper left corner. Notice that tLandings will populate with hover tips when you hover your mouse point over the buttons in tLandings!

Once you click the "Create a new landing report", the New Report window will popup.

If you have a CFEC training permit card, you can swipe it here or you can manually enter the following:

Year Seq1901M
Permit Holder  ROCKY COHO
Serial #  28
ADFG #  1893
Vessel  Shearwater

Click the OK button to open the Landing Report window.

Enter a Nearest Bay or Headland, Date Fishing Began, and a valid Stat Area and Percent.

Some Notes on Statistical Area of Harvest (AKA Stat Area)

 The statistical area must be with the CFEC permit area.  In the example above, S01K is a salmon purse seine permit for area K – Kodiak.  The statistical area you record must be within this area, otherwise you will receive a warning that the statistical area is incorrect like the one below.

If you don’t know a valid Stat Area code for the area, you can open a list of statewide stat areas from the Codes menu at the top of the screen.

Scroll down the list to see valid Stat Area Codes, but the current version does not include salmon-specific place names commonly used in some management areas.  It also includes all Federal and Halibut Commission stat areas so that the valid list can be used in all eLandings applications.  You can disregard those others for salmon landings. 

When the staff at a buying station or on board a tender make a landing, they should reference the salmon area stat map to locate where the catch were harvested.  If not available, use the stat area codes.

Complete the balance of the Vessel page of this report as shown below.  Add the Chill Type, two temps and click on Brailers Met Criteria.  Please note the two tabs:  Vessel and Tally.

Click the Tally tab at the upper left to move to the next screen.

Next click on the Species-Condition-Grading drop down and select a species. 

Click on the Scale Weight field to position the cursor, and enter a total delivery weight for the species/condition. Hit Tab or Enter three to move thru the Number field.   Note that the number field has turned red.  This means you have not established an average weight.

Establish an Average Weight

Click on the red cell under Number and the cell will turn yellow.  The click on the Avg Wt button.  Record the average weight of 4.2 and click OK.  Click back into the Number cell and tab thru until the next row, Scale Weight is highlighted. 

You are now ready to enter the next brailer weights for Pinks/Whole. 

Enter 713 lbs. in the Scale Wgt and tab thru to Brailers.  Enter 2 brailers, meaning that two brailer bags were weighed at once.

Return to the Species – Condition – Grading selection and choose Kings – Whole.  Enter a Scale Wgt of 110 lbs. and 13 fish for the Number.

NOTE:  All king salmon must be counted.  No average weight can be established.

Using the Tab or Enter key move thru to the next line all the way to the Number cell.  Enter 3 in the number cell and move thru to the next line. 

Hit Tab or Enter to move to the next row.

If you use the Personal Use disposition code, you can enter the number of fish only, without the poundage.

This was the last item of harvest for this delivery, so click the Generate Fish Ticket button , and click OK to close the successful save notice (assuming there were no errors).

If you manually entered the permit information, you will receive a reminder to be sure to imprint the CFEC Permit card on the paper fish ticket copies.

Next your PDF of the fish ticket will come up. Notice the average weight on the fish ticket. Notice that the personal use is displayed on the fish ticket separately, as Not Sold.

What if I notice Something is Wrong?

If you notice that the average weight is incorrect, look back at your tally tab and review the weight and number of fish. If you need to correct the landing report, close the PDF fish ticket using the red X located in the upper right hand corner of the display.  The tLandings report is still open.  Fix the tally page, then hit the generate fish ticket button again. 

Please do not keep landing reports open after they are completed.  Close all completed reports. 

This was the last landing of the trip or opener.  It is now time to close tLandings.  Notice the white X in the upper right hand corner above the colored banner bar. 

When you hover over the white X it will turn red.  Click the X to close tLandings.  It is now time to remove the thumb drive.

In the lower right hand corner of your computer or laptop, you will see the information on date/time.  Just above this are icons that assist in management of your machine, such as sound and SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE AND EJECT MEDIA. 

Click on this icon and the machine will search for and find the tLandings thumb drive.  Select the thumb drive and a message will be returned that it is safe to remove the thumb drive.

PLEASE – DO NOT PULL THE THUMB DRIVE OUT WHILE THE tLANDINGS application is still running.  This action could corrupt the thumb drive.

Gather together all signed copies of the landing report fish tickets along with the thumb drive for this trip, place in a plastic bag and take to the seafood office for review and data processing.

The office staff will provide you with a new thumb drive with refreshed fish ticket numbers.