eLandings User Manual

How to Register a New Operation in eLandingsWeb

Establishing an eLandings Account

Before a person/company can access eLandings to report fishery harvest, the primary User must establish an Operation in eLandings which will need to be approved for use by interagency staff.
NOTE: If for any reason you cannot follow the registration steps to completion (i.e. printing out the form, signing it and faxing it in) or if you've lost your original form, please contact elandings@alaska.gov for assistance.

Create A New Operation

Go to this website: https://elandings.alaska.gov/web/
Under How To Get Started, click on the word Register in blue text.

  • You will be taken to a screen that looks like the one below.
  • Select the Operation Type from the drop-down menu
    • Plant/Receiver: Physical location that processes fish into product or receives fish product
      • Salmon - need ADF&G Processor Code permit
      • Groundfish - need ADF&G Processor Code permit, FPP, RB (if purchasing IFQ species)
      • Crab - need ADF&G Processor Code permit and RCR
    • Direct Marketer: Purchaser of fish/fish product with the intent to sell to buyers in and out of state
    • At-Sea Processor: Catcher processors that harvest and process at-sea
    • Catcher Vessel: Fishing vessel that wants to use the electronic logbook
    • Catcher Seller: Fishing vessel that catches and sells fish/fish product dockside
    • Buyer-Exporter: Purchaser of fish/fish product with the intent to export product out of state

You will need to acquire both State and Federal permits applicable to your particular business type in order to complete your Operation registration.

State of AlaskaContact

ADF&G Processor Code

Martina Kallenberger (907) 465-6131
NOAA Fisheries ServiceContact
Federal Processor Permit (FPP)RAM (800) 304-4846 option 2
Federal Fishery Permit (FFP)RAM (800) 304-4846 option 2
Registered Buyer Permit (RB)RAM (800) 304-4846 option 2
Registered Crab Receiver (RCR)RAM (800) 304-4846 option 2
  • Fill in all of the fields as applicable to your Operation type and then click on the Register button at the bottom of the page. 

Once you've verified the information on the form you will need to print out a copy and sign it.

  • Fax your signed registration form to the number listed on the page or scan and email it to me eLandings@alaska.gov, I will enable your operation when I receive the form.
  • Please make sure that you save your UserID and Password for future use.