eLandings User Manual

How to Pay Rockfish Cost Recovery Fees Using the eFISH Portal

  1. Processors will have to fill out and submit the Volume and Value Report Rockfish Program prior to December 1st of each year.
  2. Once the Volume and Value report has been submitted, the Fee Liability invoice will be sent to the individual cooperatives' designated representative by January 15th. The Fee Liability payment must be submitted no later than February 15th in order to avoid interest fees and penalties.

Participants can pay their fees online using the eFISH portal with a credit card, via Automatic Clearing House (ACH), or FedWire

  1. Navigate to the following website https://alaskafisheries.noaa.gov/webapps/efish/login and login with your NMFS ID number and Password. 
    • Don't forget to check the acknowledge and accept checkbox!

    2. By default, the Groundfish tab will be where your account opens up.

    • Click on the Payments tab to get to fee payment links. 

    3. Next you will click on the Pay Rockfish Cost Recovery Fees link in blue text under the Payments tab.

   4. You should now be on the Rockfish Program Cost Recovery Fees screen where you can do a few different things

  • Fee Liability Summary
    • Enables user to view Fee Liability details such as additional charges, adjustments, amounts paid, and balance due
    • Fee Detail Report - provides the user with the ability to generate a spreadsheet documenting observer fee details by individual landings and species in csv or xml format
  • Fee Transactions
    • Enable user to view rockfish fee related billing transactions
  • Rockfish Program Fee Payment
    • You can pay your fees via credit card* or ACH**
  • Once you select your payment method and enter the payment amount, click on the Submit Payment button

Online Payment Forms


Credit Card Payment -

  1. If you are paying via credit card, there will be two form pages that you will need to fill out in order to complete your payment
    • Enter payment information as displayed in the screen shot below
      • Remember, individual credit card payments cannot exceed $49,999.00

  • Next, you will Authorize your payment and click on the Submit Payment button.

  • You will be directed back to the eFISH screen where you can manually print out your payment receipt

  • You will also receive an email receipt for each payment made

Fee Detail Report -

  • On the Rockfish Program Cost Recovery Fees screen just below the Fee Liability box, users can generate a Fee Detail report by clicking on the button

  • The report can be generated in csv or xls format to view a detailed spreadsheet of fees by species, month, price/LB, and weight