BBEDC Operations and Reporting Guide_FINAL (1)

Steps to Creating a New eLandings Operation
Hired skippers for CDQ Groups often want to act as Catcher Seller's, which basically means you want to sell your own catch. There are some permits that you'll need too get from NMFS and ADFG before you can actually start the eLandings registration process. Please follow the steps below to apply for your permits:::

  1. ADF&G Processor Code or Intent to Operate License - Click the link below to apply for your fisheries business license with the Department of Revenue.{+}
  2. Federal Fisheries Permit (FFP) – required if fishing in the EEZ and retaining groundfish bycatch. Not required if you are fishing in State waters only (within 3 nautical miles of shore) See copy of the FFP application at the end of the document.
  3. Registered Buyer permit allows you to receive and make your own IFQ landing. Applications may be submitted online through your eFish account here: See copy of the application at the end of the document.
  4. Once you have received all your permits, proceed to the next section of this document titled, "Register For an eLandings Account.

Helpful Tools
For information on how to use eLandings to report your landings, please visit this page: {+}
We have an eLandings training environment where you can practice creating "fake" reports for a variety of different report types. Those instructions are located here:
The 679.5 recordkeeping and reporting regulations are located here: Read section E (eLandings), and section L (IFQ Landings.)
I have attached information regarding observer fees. As of 2013 processors and registered buyers are required to pay observer fees. 

Allowable Activities
Registered Buyer Permit Application
679.5 Regulations, Section E and Section L
Observer Fee Flier

Register For an eLandings Account

Once you have received all your permits you can register for an eLandings account here: {*}{+}* 
Click on Register

Enter the following information:
Operation Type: catcher seller
Operation Name: name of your business, can even be the vessel name
ADFG Proc Code: issued by the Dept. of Revenue, example: F1234
Federal Permit Number: if you fish outside 3NM and retain groundfish this is required
Registered Buyer Number: apply via eFish for this permit
Registered Crab Receiver: not required
Port: click on the blue port code link to see the list of ports
Vessel ADF&G: Your vessel number
Vehicle License Number: not required

UserID: write this down since it will be the username you use to log into eLandings.
Password: retain your password- it is case sensitive
Confirm Password: re-enter the password
User Name: this should be your first and last name
City: the city where you are located
State: Alaska
Telephone Number: best contact number
Fax Number: not required
Email Address: valid email to receive correspondence from NMFS
Security Question: create a question you know the answer to
Secret Answer: answer to your security question
Check for any spelling errors and click Register.

Congratulations you have created your eLandings account!

Please print, sign and submit a copy of your Authorizations Agreement to so your operation can be enabled.
Once your operation is enabled you will receive a confirmation email and be able to login and create landing reports. See the section titled,, "How to Complete a CDQ Landing Report as a Catcher Seller."

How to Complete a CDQ Landing Report as a Catcher Seller

Go to: and click Login

Enter your UserID and Password, click Login

Confirm your operation is listed and click on Groundfish Landing Report

Enter your vessel and landing information

This is a helpful tool to determine what information you need to enter from your CFEC permit.

This is a list of the CDQ groups and their Management Program ID's

Enter your CDQ and CFEC permit information

Enter the statistical area information and click Save

Click on the Add Edit Itemized Catch button

Add your catch information and click Save

If you didn't select a fish ticket in the previous screen, click on Allocate Permits

Click on the Submit Initial Report button

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Generate IFQ Reports button

Scroll to the bottom of the page and verify the information is correct and click on the Submit IFQ Report button

You can now Final Submit your report

Click on the View Receipts to Print button to print the landing report receipt

Print the fish ticket by clicking on the blue link in the CFEC Permit Worksheet box

Printing the observer fee PDF is the last step. It should take no more than 20 minutes for them to populate.

Congratulations you have successfully submitted your eLanding report!