eLandings At-Sea production report

Go to: http://elandingst.alaska.gov/elandings/Login
  • Enter the following user ID and password:





  • Select BOUNTIFUL from the operation drop down list and then click on the Production Report button.

  • Some information will be auto-filled for you such as the Report Date, Federal Permit Number, ADF&G Vessel Number and At-Sea Port Code.
  • Enter the following vessel information:
    • Gear Code
    • Crew Size
    • Federal Reporting Area
    • Special Area (if applicable)
    • Management Program
      • Management Program ID (if CDQ, AFA, or RPP)
    • If this was a No Production day, check the box
    • Trip Event (if applicable)

  • Enter the statistical areas fished in the Stat Area Worksheet

  • Enter the product species, weights, and discard information and click on the Save button.

  • If you scroll down the page and view the product information you will see that Product Code 97 was entered for one of the pcod lines.
    • Use of this code requires that you enter a comment describing what kind of ancillary product came from the fish.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Add/Edit Comments button.

  • On the Production Line Comments page, enter text describing the product derived from the fish and click on the Save button.

  • You can see at the top of the page that the production report status is Not Submitted, so scroll down and click on the Submit Report button.

  • Now the status should say Final Report Submitted.

Now that you have submitted your production report, you can print the report PDF and view your MRA spreadsheet by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

  • Note: A .csv spreadsheet will open in a new window showing that weeks' products reported in round weight per species and product code combination.

You have successfully submitted your Production Report!