eLandings IFQ and CDQ Halibut Landing with Max-Out Pounds

Getting Started

Go to: http://elandingst.alaska.gov/elandings/Login

Enter the following user ID and password:






A longline vessel is delivering 6400 lbs of condition 04 halibut (with ice/slime) to The Pisces Plant in Cordova. There are two CFEC permit holders making the delivery that want to max-out pounds on their permits: one is delivering IFQ halibut and the other is delivering CDQ halibut.

Begin the Landing Report

  • On the main reports page click on the Groundfish landing report button

Enter the following header information (fishing dates can be different than what is shown):

  • Vessel Information
ADF&G #Gear CodeCrew Size# of ObserversDate Fishing BeganDays FishedDate of Landing

  • Permit Information
    • When using the max-out pounds feature, you will need to have two separate permits for the same Area/Fishery
CFEC PermitsManagement ProgramProgram IDNMFS IDIFQ PermitSpeciesArea/FisheryLbs. to Max-out IFQ Permit
B61B 00101U 2201IIFQ

B61B 00105O 2201ACDQ529800399800052004D800

Statistical Areas:

  • Enter the stat areas and percentages as shown below

Stat Area






Adding Catch Information

  • Click on the Add/Edit Itemized Catch button

  • Enter pounds landed and click on Save. 
    • The eLandings system will allocate the IFQ pounds accordingly in the next step.
SpeciesConditionPoundsWeight ModifierDisposition
200046400with Ice and Slime60

  • On the main reports page in the CFEC Permit Worksheet box, click on the Allocate Permits button, this will allocate pounds and permits to fish tickets. 

IFQ Reports

  • Before you can generate your IFQ reports you need to click on the Submit Initial Report button.

  • Now you can Generate IFQ Reports. 

  • You will receive a message that your IFQ reports have successfully been generated.
  • Verify that all of the information in the IFQ report is correct, specifically that the max-out pounds were allocated as desired.
  • Click on the Submit IFQ Reports button. 

At this point you can add your grading and pricing information. Once you're done with that part of the report you will need to click on the Submit Final Report button.

Just a few more things to do and your reporting process will be complete!

1)  Print the landing receipt - this will only work if you submitted your IFQ report!

Note: You will ALWAYS receive a "Contact NMFS Enf" in the training scenarios because of the PNOL requirements

2) Print your fish tickets

3) Click on the View Observer Fee PDF button to view and print out fees associated with your landing.

  • If you have waited for at least 30 minutes and still do not get a fee PDF to generate, you should click on the Observer Fee Details button to find out more information

To download the PDF version of these instructions, click on the link below:

IFQ and CDQ Landing with Max Out Pounds.pdf