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The eLandings System will generate a spreadsheet summarizing all buying activity for each unique Proc Code.  You will need to review this information and add price and production information, as this is not available from the eLandings System.  The eLandings generated buying summary includes all fish ticket items that are identified as SOLD.  This includes all seafood products sold for human consumption, bait, fish meal, as well as sold overage, seized, or tagged seafood.


A downloadable reference sheet for the COAR Reporting Process is available here.

COAR Report statuses are defined on the COAR Report Status Definitions page.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Download COAR Chapter 01.wmv

Chapter 2 Operations and User Accounts

Download COAR Chapter 02.wmv

Chapter 3 COAR and eLandings System Integration

Download COAR Chapter 03.wmv

Chapter 4 The COAR Report Process

Download COAR Chapter 04.wmv

Chapter 5 Adding Price, Value, and Production Information To the COAR Report

Download COAR Chapter 05.wmv

Chapter 6 Adding Custom Production Information To the COAR Report

Download COAR Chapter 06.wmv

Chapter 7 Error and Warning Messages, and Data Correction

Download COAR Chapter 07.wmv

Chapter 8 Post-season Price Adjustments

Download COAR Chapter 08.wmv