eLandings User Manual

COAR Report Status Definitions

Not Started

The report display web page will show a status of Not Started if the COAR report does not exist, and the reporting process has not begun.

Generation Requested

Once the user has requested that the report be generated, the report display web page will show the report in Generation Requested status. The report will exist in the database, but will not have any buying data from the eLandings database until the generation process completes. When the generation process completes the user will be notified by email that their report has been generated.

Report Generated

Once the report generation process has run the report will have buying and custom processing for others data, pulled from the eLandings database. Reports in this status can then be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets.

Report Downloaded

When the user downloads their COAR Report spreadsheet from the eLandings COAR Report webpage, the status will change to Report Downloaded. 

Report Uploaded

After the user reviews and edits buying data, and enters production data, they can upload the COAR Report spreadsheet to eLandings. If the data has errors the status will not change, and the data will not be saved in the database. Errors that prevent saving are things like missing or invalid species codes, COAR Area codes, etc. Missing weights or prices also cause errors. 

When reports are uploaded the user can also receive warning messages. These messages will not prevent the data from being saved in the database, but may indicate problems with the report, or data conditions that should be reviewed for accuracy. Reports can be corrected and uploaded again as many times as the user wants, before final submission.

Report Submitted

Once the COAR Report spreadsheet has been uploaded, the user can submit the report. The report submission process requires the user to add contact data to the report. Once the report is submitted the user can no longer edit and re-upload the spreadsheet. However, if errors are discovered after the report is submitted, ADF&G personnel can return the COAR Report to the Report Uploaded status so the corrected spreadsheet can be uploaded.

Report Reviewed

Once ADF&G staff review the report and determine that it meets requirements they will change the report status to Report Reviewed. The report can then be extracted from eLandings into the official ENCOAR database.

Report Extracted

When the COAR Report is extracted into the ENCOAR system the status is changed to Report Extracted. This is the final status for COAR Reports, but it may be modified if post season price adjustments are needed.

Post-season Adjustment Submitted

If users determine that they need to submit post-season price adjustments they can edit the adjusted data into their copy of the spreadsheet, or can download the report spreadsheet again and do their edits. They then can upload the spreadsheet, and the COAR Report status will change to Post-season Adjustment Submitted. The report will go to the Report Reviewed status once ADF&G staff have reviewed the adjustments, and will return to the Report Extracted status when the adjustment data is extracted to the ENCOAR system. 

Report Voided

If a report needs to be deleted for some reason it can be placed in the Report Voided status, and it will no longer be treated as an active COAR Report.