eLandings User Manual

Procedures for Outages

Procedures for Landing Reports in the Event of an Internet Outage

In the event of a temporary internet outage we recommend you follow the procedures described below. 

  • We recommend that you download a copy of the appropriate form and save it to your local disk since the link will be unavailable if the Internet is down. 
  • Print at least ten copies of the appropriate form and keep on hand in the event you lose internet connectivity.
  • Instructions for IFQ halibut & sablefish landings:temp_disconnect_IFQ.pdf
  • Instructions for filling out the Interim reports and appropriate forms for non-IFQ groundfish and crabnon_IFQ_interim_landing.pdf  
  • Interim Salmon report formsinterim_landingReport_salmon.pdf
  • There is also a link on the eLandings application home page. 

Procedures for At-Sea Production Reports in the Event of an Internet Outage

  • If you experience an internet outage that interrupts your ability to transmit at-sea production reports outside of normal business hours, please contact NMFS staff at 1-800-304-4846 option #1  to notify them of the outage.
  • You can contact eLandings Support at elandings@alaska.gov.
  • If you know the outage will last for more than 24 hours, you should make arrangements with your home office so that they can submit your daily production reports using the web interface until your connection is restored.