eLandings User Manual

Managing Grading and Pricing Templates

Operations can define templates for grading and pricing of specific species and delivery conditions. The use of templates saves time when entering landing reports since the size/grade and price information is already filled in and the user only has to enter the weights. Grading and Pricing templates are defined for operations, but they are not managed on the Operations Management page. This is because the Operations Management page is only accessible to administrative users. Prices frequently need to be changed by non-administrative users, so these functions are available to all users.

Making Grading and Pricing templates

To get to the Grading and Pricing templates:

  • On the main Reports Menu page, select the operation that you are creating a template for in the drop down
  • Then click on the "Grading and Pricing" button

  • This will take you to the Operation Configuration and Maintenance page.

The Grading and Pricing Template Maintenance page allows you to add and edit templates for the species and condition, and to control how the template is used in the system. 


Making a new Template

The Operation Configuration and Maintenance page allows you to create new templates for species and delivery condition combinations. Note that if you try to create a new template for a species and condition that already has a template you will get an error message. In that case, just edit the existing template.

To add a new template, enter the species in the species box at the bottom of the species column, and the delivery condition in the condition box at the bottom of the condition column. Then click the New Template button.

The system will display the Grading and Pricing Template Maintenance page for the entered species and condition. You will have to enter at least one grading and pricing line for the new template before you can save.


There are two checkboxes that control how the templates for the species and condition are used:

Show Price

The show price checkbox controls whether or not the price will be filled when the templates are used to populate grading and pricing lines on landing reports. If the show price checkbox is check, the price will be filled in. If the checkbox is unchecked, the size/grade information will be filled in but the price will be left blank. This is useful when prices are not being supplied to the fishermen at the time of delivery, or when you don't want the prices on the fish tickets. The size/grade information can still be filled in from the template, but the price is ignored.


The disabled checkbox controls whether the template is used at all when the grading and pricing page on the landing report is displayed. This can be useful if size/grade and price information is captured for some fisheries, but not others. The disabled checkbox can be checked before taking deliveries for a fishery or opener when size/grade and price information is to be entered landing report by landing report instead of being defaulted from the templates.

Grading and Pricing Lines

The Grading and Pricing Template Maintenance page allows you to specify multiple size/grades for the species and delivery condition. Each size/grade has its own price. If pricing information is not needed the price should be entered as zero.

In most cases the condition for the size/grade and price will be the same as the delivery condition. However, in some cases the fish are delivered in one condition, but priced after some level of processing. For example, sablefish may be delivered whole, but priced as Eastern Cut or Western Cut. The Sold Condition column for the grading and pricing lines specifies the condition for the particular template line, i.e. what is being priced. Note that the sold condition can never be a less processed condition that the delivery condition of the itemized catch line on the landing report. For example, if the fish is delivered Headed and Gutted, the template cannot have a sold condition of Whole.

The Grading and Pricing Template Maintenance page has four buttons.

  • The Save button saves your edits and returns you to the Operation Configuration and Maintenance page. You can see the results of your edits on that page.
  • The Save and Continue button saves your edits but keeps you on the Grading and Pricing Template Maintenance page so you can make additional edits. You can use the Save and Continue button if you are having Internet connection problems. It allows you to save more frequently without having to navigate back to the the Grading and Pricing Template Maintenance page.
  • The More Lines button adds additional blank grading and pricing lines. It does not save your edits to the database, but does redisplay them so that nothing is lost.
  • The Cancel button takes you back to the Operation Configuration and Maintenance page without saving.

If you want to get rid of a size/grade just blank out the data in each field for that line. However, you cannot get rid of all of the lines. If you don't need a template for a species and delivery condition anymore, just check the disabled checkbox and save.