Simple Crab Landing Report

Go to:

Enter the following user ID and password:





From the Reports Menu page, click on the Crab Landing Report button

Enter the following vessel information:

Vessel ADF&GGear CodeCrew SizeObservers OnboardDate Fishing BeganDays FishedDate of LandingPartial DeliveryLast Delivery for Trip

Enter the following permit information:

CFEC PermitManagement ProgramNMFS IDIFQ PermitSpeciesIPQ Permit
K91T 00114M 2201EIFQ990031990051921990022

  • Enter the stat areas as shown below but break up the percentages as you like.
    • Make sure they add up to 100% and enter your own number of pot lifts and then click on the Save button.
Stat AreaPercentPot Lifts

Next, you will be taken to the Crab Report Display page where you will need to find and click on the  Add/Edit Itemized Catch button

  • 993px993pxYou do not need to select the fish ticket or enter Stat Areas or Pot Lifts for lines 1-3 since you used the stat area worksheet.
    • Enter the catch information below and then click on the Save button
SpeciesCondition CodeWeightNumberDisposition

You will be taken back to the Crab Report Display screen.

  • Click on the Allocate Permits button to assign the fish ticket to the catch items.

  • Locate and click on the Add/Edit Grading and Pricing button

  • Enter grading and pricing values for 1,000 lbs of crab and click on the Save button.

You'll be returned to the Crab Report Display screen where you'll need to click on the Submit Initial Report button.


The next step is to generate your IFQ report. Scroll to the bottom of the report page and click on the Generate IFQ Reports button

Once you've verified that your pounds and allocations are correct, click on the Submit IFQ Reports button.

NOTE: In the Training environment, IFQ submissions always redline.

Locate and click on the Submit Final Report button.

You're almost done submitting your Crab IFQ Landing Report! Two more steps to go.

  1. You will need to click on the View Receipts to Print button for your landing receipt

2. Locate and click on the fish ticket in blue text

You have successfully submitted a crab IFQ landing report.