eLandings Consolidated report

Go to: http://elandingst.alaska.gov/elandings/Login

Enter the following user ID and password:





Choose the at-sea operation called Glacier Bay and click on the Consolidated Report button. 
Enter the following date range for which you wish to create a consolidated report.  The consolidated report will be populated with pre-existing at-sea production report data.  Click on the Find Reports button.
Enter the following fishing crew size, number of observers, and CFEC permit information.  Click on the Generate Landing Report button to create your consolidated reports.

CFEC FisheryPermit NumberPermit Sequence

Your consolidated report will open. Scroll down to the middle of the report. Submit your initial consolidated report by clicking on the Submit Initial Report button. 
Submit your final consolidated report by clicking on the Submit Final Report button.
View your fish ticket by clicking on the blue fish ticket number. 

eLandings Consolidated report.docx