eLandings User Manual

How to Renew Your FFP in eFISH

Renew Federal Fisheries Permit (FFP) in eFISH

Log into eFISH and select the appropriate operation from the dropdown menu at the top right corner of your screen. Next click on the link Renew FFP Permit.

You will select the FFP permit from the dropdown menu that you want to renew.

The endorsements and vessel information for the selected FFP will populate. Here you want to confirm all the information, make any necessary endorsement changes and then click on the Submit Application button.

Please Note: any vessel attribute changes will need require you to submit the paper FFP application to RAM.

After submitting the application, you should receive a message that the process was successful and instructions on how to print the pending permit. Click on the X in the right corner to close the information message.

 In order to print the new permit, you much check off the box on the bottom right hand corner of the screen Print Pending Permit and then click the Print Permit button.

Your Federal Fisheries Permit will generate, and you can see that the date of expiration is now 12/31/2023.