eLandings User Manual

Copy of COAR eLandings User Guide


Please make sure any users that will be using the COAR reporting features in eLandings are authorized for COAR. It is VERY important to make sure that the COAR user is set up as a COAR user on the primary operation and all child operations. User authorizations are updated by an administrator of an operation on the Operations page accessed from the Admin drop-down. A child operation includes buying stations and custom processing relationships. Users can be added to the operation with COAR authorization or existing users can have their profiles updated to allow COAR access by any operation administrator.


Accessing the COAR reporting page


Click on the Reports tab, and select COAR Reports from the drop-down menu. You will be directed to the COAR reporting page where you will need to select an Operation (showing the processor code) from the drop down list and enter a year of operation to generate a new or find an existing COAR file. Once you’ve chosen an operation and entered a year, click “Search”.


Remember, if you are an authorized user on multiple operations, you will have a drop-down list of all your operation names with proc codes for all operations to choose from. Make sure you are choosing the correct operation you want to run the COAR for.


If the user attempting to run the COAR is not authorized for all the operation’s associated child operations, like a custom processing relationship, the user will receive an error message notifying which child operations they are not authorized for.








Now that you selected the operation and year you want to generate a COAR file for, you will see that operation and the Status of the COAR file. The current status will be Not Generated.




COAR Statuses:

·        Not Generated

·        Generation Requested

·        Generated

·        Downloaded

·        Uploaded

·        Submitted

·        Reviewed

·        Extracted

·        Post-season Adjustment Submitted

·        Voided

Generate the COAR

To generate the COAR file and to progress through the statuses, go to the hamburger menu. Click on Generate Report. More options will become available under the hamburger menu as the COAR status progresses.

Then confirm you operated using that proc code in the year you’re running the COAR for by selecting Yes. Then click on Generate. This will generate a summary report of buying and production activity for the year specified.


You should be provided with information regarding your COAR file generation and will receive an email notification when the report is ready for download. Your status will now show Generation Requested.


Downloading the COAR

At this point, if you have not navigated away from this screen and received email notification that your COAR is ready, you can click on Search and reenter your operation and year, then click search. If you have left the COAR page, simply return the same way, under the Reports drop-down and again select your operation and year to search.

Note: If you have not received email notification that your COAR file is ready for download after the indicated wait time, please return to the COAR reporting page and see if the status has updated to “Generated” before contacting eLandings staff for help. It’s only a notification. No information in that email needed to proceed.


When you’ve landed back on the COAR Report page, you’ll see that the report status is now Generated.





Now you can download your COAR file as an Excel spreadsheet. Again, download and progression through the report statuses is all done from the hamburger menu. Click on it and you will have more options available now.

Click on Download Spreadsheet to download a copy of the file to your computer. Save the file to a location of your choosing. Then navigate to the file and open it to enter data.

Note: It is important save the file as .xls. (You might get prompted to save as .xlsx or another format by your computer.)



Completing Your COAR Data Entry

PLEASE do not modify headings, move, or remove any of the columns. The file must remain in the same format to be uploaded to eLandings or the system used by ADF&G staff to import data. You will need to enter pricing information and note if the price is FINAL or NOT FINAL. You can also write something in the comment column if you want to make a note about any row of data.

Remember to check every sheet of the COAR file and enter pricing details into every row with buying or production data. Depending on your operation, many of the sheets may be blank. PLEASE do not delete unused sheets, enter data, or modify unused sheets. For example, if you did not have any canned production or a custom processing relationship, those sheets should be blank. Nothing to be done on those sheets, just leave them as they are.


Submitting the COAR

Now that you have downloaded, entered your buying and production details, and saved the changes, you can upload your completed COAR file to eLandings. It is not necessary to submit your COAR through the eLandings system. You can submit directly to the ADF&G Seafood Coordinator by email: dfg.seafood-coord@alaska.gov. The completed COAR can also be mailed to ADF&G Division of Commercial Fisheries, PO Box 115526, Juneau, AK 99811-5526.

Once your file is downloaded, we recommend contacting the Seafood Coordinator with any questions about completing the report by email or phone: (907) 465-6131. Contact eLandings for help with generating, downloading, or uploading questions.


If submitted via eLandings, click on Upload Spreadsheet which is also found in the hamburger drop-down. Next click Browse to navigate to and select the file from where you saved it on your computer, then click Upload.


Successful Upload!







Finally, you can submit your report. Back to the hamburger menu for this.




A pop-up modal will ask for contact information and allow comments to be added. This will also be used to add contact information to the the COAR Certification Page. Title, Company Name, Company Address, and City/State/Zip are all required fields.


Agency Staff Review and Extract

From here, eLandings staff or the ADF&G Seafood Coordinator will review the COAR report and change the status to Reviewed if it appears to meets requirements. Setting the status to Reviewed signals the ADF&G ENCOAR application to extract your COAR.

After the COAR has been submitted, you can return here to check the status has been updated to Reviewed. If the status has not changed after a couple days, please contact the Seafood Coordinator.



Notice that the contact information you added during the submission step are now included on the COAR reporting page for the year a report has been submitted.




COAR Certification Page

You must sign and submit a Commercial Operators Annual Report Certification Page by April 1st of each year to be in compliance with 5 AAC 39.130 and 50 CFR 679, whether you operated or not. To download the certification page from eLandings, you must have the COAR file in Submit status.


Once you click on “Submit” the options on the hamburger menu change. Click on Display Signature Page PDF to generate the certification page. You can also get a PDF copy of the COAR report summary here too.

Now you can download the certification page, sign, and return it to the Seafood Coordinator. Currently, there is no option for submitting the certification page via the eLandings system.



Did Not Operate

If you have an active fisheries business license and proc code but did not operate in this COAR reporting year, you can still generate the certification page PDF to sign and send to the Seafood Coordinator. Remember, the COAR status must be up to the Submitted stage to generate the certification page.

Simply click COAR Reports from the Reports tab like you were going to generate a COAR file. Then enter your proc code and year.


Next you will click Generate Report from the hamburger menu, but you will want to select “No” on the Generate Report pop-up if you didn’t operate, then click “Generate”. Now select Submit from the hamburger menu and the option to Display Signature Page PDF will be available.

For many users, signing and submitting the certification page completes the annual COAR process.

Regenerating Reports and Detailed Reports

Why Regenerate a Report?

If you have made any edits to your buying or production data since you ran the COAR file generator, you should “Regenerate Report”. You may find discrepancies between eLandings and your company’s records or accounting details. If you need to make adjustments to any buying or production data in eLandings, you will likely need to regenerate the report to reflect any changes on your eLandings generated COAR file.

*Please Note: changes to a landing that would affect total pounds purchased that would differ from numbers displayed on the originally submitted fish ticket must be documented. Please print a revised fish ticket to reflect these changes and submit it to your local Fish & Game office.


Why Generate a Details Spreadsheet?

This feature is primarily used for troubleshooting problems with uploading your completed COAR file via the eLandings system. Generating a Buying Details or Production Details Spreadsheet provides a landing and fish ticket details report for the buying or production data of your COAR. If you receive an error during upload or submission of your completed COAR, it may be helpful to generate a detailed report to get a better sense of how eLandings is producing the COAR records.


Post-season Adjustment

On occasion, an operation will determine that they need to submit post-season price adjustments. This can be done by editing to show the adjusted data into their copy of the spreadsheet or can download the report spreadsheet again and reenter amounts to reflect the corrected adjustments. They then can upload the spreadsheet, and the COAR Report status will change to Post-season Adjustment Submitted.

As with the original COAR submission, the post-season adjustment COAR can also be submitted directly to the Seafood Coordinator.


COAR Status Definitions

Not Generated:  The report display web page will show a status of Not Started if the COAR report does not exist, and the reporting process has not begun.

Generation Requested:  Once the user has requested that the report be generated, the report display web page will show the report in Generation Requested status. The report will exist in the database but will not have any buying data from the eLandings database until the generation process completes. When the generation process is complete the user will be notified by email that their report has been generated.

Report Generated:  Once the report generation process has run the report will have buying and custom processing data pulled from the eLandings database. Reports in this status can then be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets.

Report Downloaded:  When the user downloads their COAR Report spreadsheet from the eLandings COAR Report webpage, the status will change to Report Downloaded.

Report Uploaded:  After the user reviews and edits buying data, and enters production data, they can upload the COAR Report spreadsheet to eLandings. If the data has errors the status will not change, and the data will not be saved in the database. Errors that prevent saving are things like missing or invalid species codes, COAR Area codes, etc. Missing weights or prices also cause errors.

Please Note: When reports are uploaded the user can also receive warning messages. These messages will not prevent the data from being saved in the database, but may indicate problems with the report, or data conditions that should be reviewed for accuracy. Reports can be corrected and uploaded again as many times as the user wants, before final submission.

Report Submitted:  Once the COAR Report spreadsheet has been uploaded, the user can submit the report. The report submission process requires the user to add contact data to the report. Once the report is submitted the user can no longer edit and re-upload the spreadsheet. However, if errors are discovered after the report is submitted, ADF&G personnel can return the COAR Report to the Report Uploaded status so the corrected spreadsheet can be uploaded.

Report Reviewed:  Once ADF&G staff review the report and determine that it meets requirements they will change the report status to Report Reviewed. The report can then be extracted from eLandings into the official ENCOAR database.

Report Extracted:  When the COAR Report is extracted into the ENCOAR system the status is changed to Report Extracted. This is the final status for COAR Reports, but it may be modified if post-season price adjustments are needed.

Post-season Adjustment Submitted:  If users determine that they need to submit post-season price adjustments they can edit the adjusted data into their copy of the spreadsheet or can download the report spreadsheet again and do their edits. They then can upload the spreadsheet, and the COAR Report status will change to Post-season Adjustment Submitted. The report will go to the Report Reviewed status once ADF&G staff have reviewed the adjustments and will return to Extracted status when the adjustment COAR is extracted to the ENCOAR.

Report Voided:  If a report needs to be deleted for some reason it can be placed in the Report Voided status, and it will no longer be treated as an active COAR Report.