eLandings User Manual

eFISH Web Application

eFISH - NMFS, Alaska Region on-line Fisheries Information System


The eFISH web application provides users with access to their NMFS permit accounts where you can:

  • View account balances and landing ledger reports from various NMFS fishery management programs
  • Create transfers for Crab, AFA, A80, CDQ, Rockfish, and IFQ quota
  • Renew registered buyer permits
  • Submit ex-vessel volume reports
  • Make NMFS fee payments

Before logging into eFISH you need to know your NMFS ID.  If you need help getting your NMFS ID, please call: 1.800.304.4846  Option 2

How to Use the eFISH Portal to Pay Observer Fees.pptx

How to Use the eFISH Portal to Pay Observer Fees.docx

If you have any questions or need assistance with accessing your eFISH permit account, please call 1.800.304.4846  Option 2 or via email to RAM.Alaska@noaa.gov