eLandings User Manual

seaLandings User Manual

seaLandings is the software application developed for and used by at-sea vessels that have limited internet capabilities. 

  • The ability to use an email client (ex. Outlook or Gmail) and receive return emails with attachments is necessary to use seaLandings. 
  • Fishers must adhere to NMFS Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements found in §679.5

Application enhancements now provide users with two different report transmission options:

  • Transmit reports and eLogs via email, or
  • Transmit reports and eLogs via internet connection 

This seaLandings User Guide contains chapters that explain how to create and submit landing and production reports.

  • At-sea catcher processors operating in the EEZ and harvesting federally managed groundfish species are required to submit daily production reports while active.
  • At-sea catcher processors must submit a groundfish landing report (ADF&G Commercial Fisheries Reporting Requirements) when they offload.
  • At-sea catcher processors with motion compensated scales must use the electronic logbook 

Sections in the seaLandings User Guide explain how to install seaLandings; create required reports, how to use the electronic logbook, and how to transmit reports and process return receipts.
If you need a refresher on Federal Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements go here: 679 Regulations

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