eLandings User Manual

Viewing Observer fees in eLandings

Table of Contents:

How to view Observer Fee information in eLandings

There are two different ways to see the amount of observer fees for groundfish & halibut IFQ landing reports

Observer Fee PDF

  • When you submit your groundfish landing report you can access the fee liability table by clicking the View Observer Fees PDF button in the Summary section found at the bottom of your landing report screen.

  • If the observer fee liability report is not available at the time you submit your landing report, you can access it 24 hours later by logging into eLandings as you normally would and entering specific identifiers in the Search for Reports section of the main Reports page.
  • Information such as the vessel ADF&G number, date of landing, fish ticket number, or landing report ID are good criteria to use.

  • Once you click on the View Observer Fee PDF button, a new tab will open displaying the fees for the landing.

Search feature to find observer fees

If you want to look up Observer Fees by Landing, you can use the Observer Fee search section located at the bottom of the main Reports page in eLandings.

  • You can search for landings that occurred within a specific date range.
  • You can search for landings by a specific vessel but you must also enter a specific date range.

Once your landings display, you will have the option to access them two different ways:

  • Use the Export to Excel button which will display all landings and associated observer fees within your search results in an excel spreadsheet, or
  • You can view individual landings by clicking on the Landing Report/Confirmation Number highlighted in blue text
    • Incidentally, this is the only way to view Observer Fees associated with a manual IFQ landing!

If you choose to access fees individually, a new tab will open and display the species on the landing reports that were assessed fees (includes standard price, fee per pound, and the dollar amount that is to be collected from both parties).

You can display the actual PDF by clicking on the View Observer PDF button.

Observer Fee Detail Report

The observer fee report provides information about the fees that apply to the landing.  But if you want to know why fees do NOT apply to the landing, then this information is provided in the the Observer Fee Details report. 

For example, let's say you had a vessel delivery where the fish were harvested in state waters and the management program was OA (open access). You were expecting to see fees associated with the landing but when you click on the View Observer Fee PDF button, the PDF does not generate and you see a message that says something like "no fees associated with landing report 12456". 

You can find out more details on why there were no fees by clicking on the Observer Fee Details button:

As you can see, the vessel and location information for the landing is displayed along with text at the bottom which explains why there were no fees.

In a different scenario, you might find that fees were assessed when you didn't think they would but by clicking on the Observer Fee Details button, you would be provided with an explanation as to why.

In this example you can see that the vessel did not have a Federal Fishery Permit (FFP) which is why fees were not assessed in this landing

Of course you can always put in a support call but the fee detail button can be very helpful when you can't reach someone right away.

When is Observer Fee information available in eLandings?

Observer fee information is available in eLandings within 30 minutes after initially submitting the landing report. See the table below for details on fee status.   

Observer Fee "status" in eLandings and what it means

The observer fee information is provided to you in eLandings as soon as possible.  But fees displayed in eLandings are estimates until the reports have been finalized. 

Fee Status

What does it mean?

When can I see it?


The fee amounts are still subject to change.

  • IFQ halibut & sablefish: ~15-30 minutes after the IFQ report is submitted.
  • All groundfish including pcod:  ~30 minutes after initial report submission. 


The fees are what will be invoiced at the end of the year, unless the processor makes edits to the landing report.

  • IFQ species: ~15-30 minutes after the IFQ report is submitted.
  • All groundfish: ~30 minutes after the final report submission.


A final landing report has been modified by the processor and the fees are pending re-calculation.

As soon as a final report is edited, the status will change to "pending." Within 24 hours it should change to Final.

MixedA final landing report that has fees that are both estimate and final, or pending and final.As soon as new items are added to a submitted landing or when catch items within a submitted landing are edited.


Fees have been included on an invoice that was sent to the processor by NMFS.

When NMFS creates invoices for processors. Annual fee invoices are sent by January 15th for all landings in the previous year.