eLandings User Manual

Reporting Sequence for IFQ Landing Reports

  1. Prior to the beginning of a vessel off-load, the vessel operator must provide the processor with the appropriate licenses:
    1. Valid CFEC permit(s) for the year and for the fishery
    2. Valid permit(s) for IFQ halibut, sablefish or rationalized crab (if applicable).
  2. Go to https://elandings.alaska.gov . Log onto the eLandings system. Select the appropriate report
  3. Add Vessel, Permit, and Location Information. This corresponds to the 'header' information on the conventional paper fish ticket.
    1. This information should be supplied at the beginning of the off-load. Enter all necessary information in blank cells and verify the information in the auto-filled cells for accuracy.
    2. Enter all CFEC permits pertaining to the landing taking place - the eLandings System is designed to allow the recording of multiple CFEC permits.
    3. Enter NMFS ID and IFQ permits ONLY if the landing includes IFQ species.
    4. Complete the Stat Area worksheet if the harvest was proportional to all areas.
    5. Save. At this stage your report is Unsubmitted, review the information entered for accuracy. Make note of the landing report number in the event you lose the page.
  4. Go to the Add/Edit Itemized Catch section.
    1. Enter the itemized catch by species, delivery condition, disposition categories.
    2. Record if ice/slime is present (sablefish or halibut only).
    3. Record any overages and comments.
    4. Save and review information for accuracy.
  5. Allocate catch to the CFEC permits.  You will need to do this step if you did not specify the fish tickets when you entered the itemized catch lines. Review allocated catch for accuracy.
  6. Submit initial report.
  7. Generate IFQ reports (if applicable).
    1. Review for accuracy
    2. Submit IFQ report.  You must submit the report within 6 hours of the landing.
    3. Print IFQ landing report PDF files. Obtain signatures.
  8. Select Add/Edit Grading and Pricing. (Note: Grading/pricing is not required for the initial submission of the landing report. This information can be entered after the initial submission of the report.)
    1. Enter grading/sizing/pricing for purchased product, as appropriate.
    2. Save and review information for accuracy.
  9. Submit Final Report
  10. Print fish ticket(s) by clicking on the fish ticket(s) number in blue text. Obtain signatures.