Setting up tLandings for Dock Deliveries

There are several ways to handle tLandings for dock deliveries, and which you should use depends on the actual situation.


For Tender Tied up to the Dock

If you have an actual tender tied up to you dock, and the catcher boats are delivering to the tender then tLandings should be configured for the tender, with its ADF&G number. Then, in the configuration profile, you can default the dock delivery checkbox to TRUE. That gives the indication it is actually a dock delivery.


For Catcher Boats Tying up to the Dock

If the catcher boat is tying up to the dock at the plant and unloading there are two ways to use tLandings.


Configure tLandings for the Plant

One is to configure tLandings for the plant. In the PTI when configuring the thumb drive,  select the plant operation from the operation dropdown, and then leave the tender dropdown blank. TLandings will then create fish tickets with no tender information.


Create a Dock Buying Station Operation

The other is to create a dock buying station operation. It is just like any other buying station operation, except the port code is the same as the plant’s port code. For information on operations administration please see: Operations Administration


In either case, the main difference with tLandings at the plant’s dock is that users have to login using their normal eLandings userid and password.

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