tLandings Data Flow

The eLandings system provides the Tender Workstation for entering landing reports and generating fish tickets aboard tenders. Once the tender returns to the processing plant the landing report files must be uploaded to the eLandings database. The Processor/Tender interface provides processors with the tool to quickly and easily upload those reports.

The tLandings system consists of two parts:

  1. Processor Tender Interface (PTI) - A desktop application used by processors to prepare files and TWS for tenders. PTI processes landing reports generated by tenders on TWS. PTI requires an internet connection.
  2. Tender Workstation (TWS) - A stand alone application used by tenders to prepare landing reports/fish tickets and create simple reports while on the fishing ground. TWS does not require an internet connection.

Data flows from the eLandings database to/from PTI to/from TWS. When landing reports are submitted from PTI to the database, processors can immediately access the data from the elandings web page.

Below is a diagram illustrating the flow of data from the database to PTI to TWS and back again.