eLandings IFQ sablefish and IFQ halibut landing with non-proportional harvest in stat areas

Getting Started

Go to: http://elandingst.alaska.gov/elandings/Login

Enter the following user ID and password:






A longline vessel (ADF&G# 00030) is delivering 2,675 lbs of condition 04 IFQ halibut (without ice/slime) to The Pisces Plant and 3,200 lbs of condition 04 IFQ sablefish.

Two CFEC card holders are making the delivery. All of the halibut and sablefish are being sold.

2,500 lbs of the halibut catch and all 3,200 lbs of the sablefish catch was made in stat areas 365530 (73%) and 365500 (27%).

175 lbs of the halibut catch was made in stat area 355500.


Create a new landing report by logging in and choosing the operation called The Pisces Plant then click on the Groundfish Landing Report button.

Enter the following vessel information:

ADF&G Vessel NumberADF&G Gear CodeCrew SizeNumber of ObserversDate Fishing BeganDays FishedDate of Landing

Enter the following permit information:

CFEC PermitManagement ProgramNMFS IDIFQ PermitSpecies
B61B 00101U 2201IIFQ980001980003200
C61B 00108R 2201NIFQ980002980004710

Enter the following stat area information:

Stat AreaPercent

Enter Itemized Catch information by clicking in the Add/Edit Itemized Catch button.

  • Select the fish tickets that match with the IFQ species permits and then enter the catch information as shown in the table below and then click on the Save button.
Stat AreaSpeciesConditionLbs.Weight ModifierDisposition
n/a200042500With Ice/Slime60
35550020004175With Ice/Slime60
n/a710083200With Ice/Slime60


Next, you will need to Allocate the Permits

Then click on the Submit Initial Report button.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Generate IFQ Report button to create your IFQ reports.

  • Review the information you entered and then submit your IFQ reports by clicking on the Submit IFQ Reports button. 
  • Notice the 175 lbs of 04 halibut is recorded as being harvested in area 355500.

  • Once you have submitted your Initial Report and/or IFQ Reports, you can enter your Grading and Pricing information.
  • Submit your final report by clicking on the Submit Final Report button.

Just a few more steps and you'll be done

1) Print out your Observer Fee PDF

2) Print out your landing receipt 

3) Print out your fish tickets by clicking on the blue text in the CFEC permit worksheet box

Download the instructions in a PDF using the link below.